ACTOR Title: 24 hours of Mozart

Written by: Miodrag Milanovic

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: On the request of Mozart's son, count Casanova investigates the cause of the sudden and mysterious death of this once great composer.The story follows three narratives with unexpected events and intrigues. The exciting investigation of count Casanova is intertwined with the most memorable and dramatically moments of Mozart's life.

Synopsis: The scenario follows three intertwined stories about the most dramatic moments of Mozart's life. On one winter night, in the year of 1779, somewhere in the Alps, on the road from Vienna to Venice, count Casanova tells the story to countess Faber- Castell of how he, as Mozart's friend, agreed to investigate and discover the true cause of the great composer's death, which had caused quite a stir and set in motion a chain of all kinds of rumors, on behalf of the maestro's son. Casanova recalls how Mozart hired him as his expert consultant when it came to questions regarding love. They were in Venice and Mozart was visiting the Pope at the time, with Casanova as his escort and translator. The last time he had seen him, was at the coronation of the Austrian king in Prague, when the composer's illness was already at large; he was hiding the blackened skin of his face with a thick layer of powder. Mozart confesses to his friend that Death had hired him, and paid him well to write his own requiem. Casanova's investigation comes to an end in a morgue in Vienna, where the doctor who conducted the autopsy explains to him how the famous composer died of trichinosis.

In the Autumn of 1837, the Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, author of the drama Mozart and Salieri“, prepares himself for yet another duel, as an exile in Tsarskoe Selo, in a cloudy and exalted mood. His friend and secod, Lebed, tries to make him reconsider the duel. That is when the pressman, Mishkin, arrives, bringing with him several copies of the recently published Pushkin's drama about Mozart, hoping his arrival would persuade the poet to call off the duel. Despite all of that, Pushkin and Lebed leave to participate in the duel, which proves fatal for the poet.

Count Walsegg-Stuppach is the only person, besides the undertaker, who attends Mozart's funeral in the winter of the year 1791, which was held during a blizzard. Walsegg recalls how he had met Mozart a few months earlier and hired him to write a requiem to honor the premature death of his beloved wife. He frequently checked up on Mozart, interested in how the work on the piece was progressing. They became close friends. Mozart tells him about the events of his life, his residence in the French court, where he befriended Marie Antoinette and was guest of Madame Pompadour. As the composition progressed, so has Mozart's abrupt illness. Mozart then accuses Walsegg of planning out his death, and that he is writing a requiem to glorify his own passing. Eventually, he finishes the piece, and dies in delirium.

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