ACTOR Title: A Choice of A Lifetime

Written by: Nikhil Theva Raj

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: True friendship is important and so is chasing your dreams. These two would be great together but not when they have to be chosen between one or another.

Synopsis: The story revolves around two boys, Labetho and Khayone, who come from a very poor village in South Africa. Strangers to each other, they built an unbreakable bond of friendship through the game of football and work hard to be the greatest football striker and goal keeper there is. They are eventually given a once in a life time opportunity to fly to the UK to play with the best and achieve their dream titles, but all of this places a great roadblock on the bond of friendship that made them great footballers in the first place. Ultimately, Labetho and Khayone are put to the test of whether they should give up on their friendship to become the best, or maintain this 'true friendship' and give up on their dreams.

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