Written by: Judy Bednarek

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

Logline: A rebellious Angel tempted by mortal flesh comes for the child he once saved but when a Mexican migrant worker opposes his dark agenda, a rebellion against mankind begins.

Synopsis: Mexican migrant workers discover an unconscious man in a strawberry field. EZRA BRIGGS, a berry farmer, is vigilant of the stranger but offers SIMON, a job picking strawberries for the season.

Ezra's only daughter, MARTA, wants to break free from her overbearing father and the constraints of her family's farm.

When Simon is treated better than the other workers, he becomes the enemy of Marta's childhood friend, ARMANDO and a rival for her affections. Armando breaks Simon's nose in a fight but when it heals wondrously, Ezra's wife, ROSA, is convinced that she has witnessed a miracle from God.

Days of rain flood the strawberry fields. Simon performs another miracle and saves the crops from ruin. Then, the family dog and a man are found dead. The migrant workers believe in a curse and refuse to work in the fields. When Armando confronts Simon about his false miracles, Simon's wrath unleashes an unearthly twister that destroys the Briggs home before he disappears without a trace.

Armando talks to the migrant workers, convince them to stay to rebuild the farm house. Marta chooses to give herself to Armando but when he rejects her offer, she is beyond consolation and runs into the woods where Simon appears to her as a Fallen Angel. He foretells that she will give birth to a Nephilim, that his son will be a God. There is no one to save her. She is at his mercy.

Armando returns to the Briggs farm on the same day looking for Marta but she is missing. When he finds her in the barn, her innocence has been taken. A heart-broken Ezra accuses Armando of assaulting his daughter but she tells them it was Simon. Ezra grabs his rifle and Armando joins him to search for the man who deceived all of them.

Transformed by evil, Simon greets Ezra and Armando with wings of bone and skin and eyes a blaze of fire. He summons a legion of Fallen Angels to join his rebellion against mankind. To bring forth a new age of Nephilim that will destroy the Earth. But the Prince of the Seraphim and his angels of light oppose them. An epic battle of war breaks out in Heaven. Simon and his legion are cast into Hades for all eternity.

Life returns to normal and a pregnant Marta marries Armando in an empty chapel. They drive to Mexico where she is taken to a monastery to be protected until the time she gives birth. Betrayed by both her father and her husband, Marta can do nothing but accept her unknown fate.

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