ACTOR Title: A SPLENDID LITTLE WAR [the case of the Stolen Golden Biscuit}

Written by: Larry Kostroff

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Historical/Adventure

Logline: A freshman reporter, assigned to cover the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Spanish-American War at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, meets an older reporter who covered the war in Cuba, only to have his account rejected upon his return to the United States. The young reporter accepts the challenge to continue to submit the ignored facts that would, in effect, re-write history.


Paul Romero, a freshman reporter assigned to cover the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Spanish-American War, is without the proper credentials to gain entrance to the affair. While attempting to correct the problem, he meets a porter at the hotel, Roberto Gomez, who had been a reporter in Cuba at the time of the conflict. Roberto tells Paul how he surrendered his non-combatant status as a journalist when he picked up arms and fought alongside a Cuban Rebel Unit comprised solely of women.

Upon his return to the United States, Roberto's account is routinely rejected wherever he presents it, since it would require a rewriting of the accepted version of history. He challenges Paul to continue the effort to inform the public of the true facts. Paul accepts, and while he initially faces similar resistance, he ultimately joins an independent news outlet eager to publish the story.

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