ACTOR Title: Alibi's Ghosts

Written by: Linda Hullinger


Genre: Family, Supernatural

Logline: The eleven-year-old daughter of a psychic medium solves mysteries by playing ghostly charades with the deceased loved ones of her mother's clients.

Synopsis: While she doesn't like getting blamed for the problematic situations the ghosts put her in, smart, quirky, and good-natured Alexandra "Alibi" Vernon can't help finding their shenanigans intriguing, and quickly makes it her personal challenge to understand their mysterious clues.

The pilot episode takes place during the summer at Alibi's home, an old, two-story, fixer-upper that her father had hoped to remodel and sell one day.

Mrs. Vernon, an otherwise normal stay-at-home mom, is fairly new to medium work and only schedules psychic readings occasionally. However, this particular week, she schedules five readings, five days in a row, and soon Alibi suspects that each client's loved one is connected in a way that she and her mother don't quite yet understand.

At three o'clock Monday morning, Alibi awakens to find herself in the kitchen, having made a submarine sandwich in her sleep. When her deceased Grandpa Edgar appears in the doorway, he questions the 'Dagwood' she's created.

After she wraps up the sandwich and puts it in the refrigerator beside the other two she has made for the past few nights, she goes upstairs to her mother's office and locates the baby name book. One of her own psychic gifts is to put a name with a ghost by randomly opening the book and allowing her gaze to be directed to a name. This time, it's Jason.

She speaks the name softly, then offers to help. When the wall calendar ruffles, she acknowledges his presence, but just as she leaves the room, a framed photo falls flat on the bookshelf. It startles her and she runs into her bedroom, jumps into bed, and hides under the sheets. Even though she's okay with the occasional visiting spirit, she's not yet above being frightened by them from time to time.

A moment later, when she hears Poe the crow cawing, she eases out from under the sheets, realizing who knocked over the photo. It was her deceased twelve-year-old cousin Kyle, who refers to himself as "The Spookmaster." Poe's cawing is a confirmation of Kyles's prank. When Kyle appears at her bedroom doorway holding his stomach in laughter, she yells at him for scaring her, but his response is "Who ya gonna tell?" as he knows he can't get in trouble for it.

The following day, Alibi phones her best friend, Daisy, and updates her on the latest events at the Dead and Breakfast Inn (the nickname Daisy gave Alibi's house once she learned about the ghosts who occasionally pay a visit). Daisy enjoys experiencing Alibi's frights vicariously, but quickly changes the subject when Alibi invites her over to help figure out the clues.

Daisy resorts to her usual method of diversion, which is casually mentioning her older brother, Oak. She is very much aware that Alibi has a secret crush on him.

Alibi, however, is very much aware that Daisy secretly fears being heavily influenced by entity spirits (what Alibi's dad jokingly refers to as 'getting a case of the H.I.B.E.S'), but it doesn't stop her from looking forward to a time when Daisy will actually stay the full night during a sleepover.

That evening, Alibi and her mom sit on the backyard swing, where they have their heart to heart talks. Mrs. Vernon tells Alibi that Jason's mother had hoped she would mention the Dagwood sandwiches that Jason loved and his missing baseball cap during the reading. Having noted Alibi's earlier behavior, Mrs. Vernon did mention the sandwich, but she admits the baseball cap was never brought to her attention.

Later, Alibi makes a note of the missing baseball cap in her Spirit journal. She's learned that paying attention to the repetition of details (which usually happens in threes) helps her decipher the spiritual clues.

At four o'clock Tuesday morning, Alibi is awakened again, but this time by the grandfather clock in the foyer. It is chiming three times, pausing, then chiming three times again.

After she tiptoes downstairs to check it out, she notices the clock's hands are spinning out of control. Suddenly, the hands stop on three o'clock instead of four.

Grandpa Edgar appears and implies that if she solves the mystery, she'll be rewarded on Saturday. The episode ends with her puzzlement about a reward.

During the next episodes, each of the client's loved ones from the Other Side take turns presenting mysterious clues for Alibi to unravel, leading her closer to the resolution of how they are all connected.

With a bit of ghostly charade playing, lots of trouble dodging, and the help of goodhearted Grandpa Edgar, prank-playing Cousin Kyle, and Daisy (now a Ghostbuster wannabe), Alibi solves the mystery and comforts all five grieving families simultaneously in the season finale.

Possible future seasons can feature Alibi, Daisy, and Mrs. Vernon traveling to new locations such as historical landmarks, haunted mansions, and beach vacations, where Mrs. Vernon schedules a group reading, each of which includes a mystery subplot involving the participants that will be solved at the end of the season.

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