ACTOR Title: Ara

Written by: Haidar Hashim

Type: Novel

Genre: Adventure, History, Drama

Logline: A fearless prince, Ara the son of Arab King rises in revolt against the Barbarians to free his Arabian Peninsula, but first he must awaken the Arabian dream.

Synopsis: It is the year 1150 B.C. during the late Bronze Age when the Barbarians were in control of the Arabian Peninsula and all the Arab tribes were under the rule of the barbarians, this was not accepted by the Arabian prince Ara. After Ara's father (The King of Arabs Tribes) was killed by the Barbarians to save his only son; Ara (mysteriously) had a second chance to live again and decides to wake the Arabian dream and to free his people by an armed revolution. But this angered the Barbarians Kingdom which marched more than 10,000 heavily armed barbarians heading to the Arabian Peninsula, led by the king of the barbarians (Gadab) who was fearless and strong enough to rule the whole world. Now Ara must keep his dream awake (as long as he can) by facing his destiny through an eternal battle against injustice.

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