ACTOR Title: Bed of Lies

Written by: Lani Aisida

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Logline: The investigation of a woman's murder uncovers the double life she was living and puts her husband at risk.

Synopsis: TAYO ALAPEDE is a gym instructor that finds himself caught between two women; his girlfriend, KEMI and his side chick, MAKA. When Maka tells him she is pregnant, he breaks up with Kemi who is expecting a proposal from him, and marries Maka instead. Kemi is devastated by what she sees as Tayo's cruel betrayal especially as he doesn't tell her about Maka when he breaks up with her. She later finds out about Maka and confronts Tayo about it and he tells her is marrying Maka because she is pregnant.

Tayo marries Maka after a visit to the doctor confirms that she is pregnant. Two months into their marriage, Tayo comes home unexpectedly with a co-worker and is surprised to see Maka smoking. He gets upset that she is smoking while pregnant and for her defensiveness and lack of remorse when he mentions it. This leads to a heated argument observed by Tayo's colleague and ends with Tayo abruptly walking out of their apartment with his colleague. Tayo goes on a drinking spree in a local joint and it is only when he passes out that he head home with the help of a friend.

Tayo wakes up on his couch the next day with no recollection of the previous night and has two police officers, VINCENT and GRACE, at his door telling him that his wife Maka was found dead by the roadside. Tayo is in shock and disbelief until the officers show him a picture of his dead wife. The officers take him to the station for questioning and immediately, Vincent is sympathetic towards him while Grace believes he is hiding something. The officers explain that his wife was murdered and ask him questions about his whereabouts on the night of her murder; during his explanations, he neglects to tell them about his argument with his wife.

Their investigation leads Vincent and Grace to question Tayo's colleague who was present during the argument and he tells them all about it as well and the drinking binge that followed. This further convinces Grace that Tayo has a hand in his wife's death and they decide to pay Tayo another visit at his home. They find him leaving his apartment with a bag when confronted, he explains that he cannot stay alone in the house as it brings back too many memories. So he decided to stay at a hotel and was not running away as Grace suggested. They then ask him about the fight on the night before her death and he explains what it was about. At this point, the officers' receive Maka's autopsy report and they tell Tayo that his wife had drugs in her system and wasn't pregnant. He is surprised at both discoveries though Grace still thinks he is lying. Tayo tells them that the pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor so they go to pay the doctor a visit where it is revealed that the doctor lied to Tayo on Maka's request and as a return for a sexual favor.

One month later, Tayo is making preparations for his wife's burial while Grace is chaffed that their investigation has stalled and reverts to Tayo as being a credible suspect.

Meanwhile, Tayo is paid a visit at home by a hunky man, RUDE who is looking for Maka. Rude ransacks the apartment and roughs up Tayo. He gives Tayo an ominous message for him to deliver to Maka that implied he is her pimp. Tayo wakes up in a hospital room with officers' Vincent and Grace there to ask him about what happened and when he tells them, Grace expresses skepticism. They question his neighbors to see if they saw anything and run into a smallish lady who is looking for Maka as well. The lady makes a run for it when she learns they are the Police as she is carrying cocaine and her abuse of the drug does not allow her think rationally. They detain her and learn that she and Maka worked for Rude as drug dealers and prostitutes while Maka also carried on a personally intimate relationship with Rude. She believes Rude killed Maka because she ran away with his money after she met and fell in love with Tayo.

The police conduct a sting at Rude's house, arrest him and take him in for questioning. During interrogation, he tells the officers that he is merely looking for Maka and that she tried to get him to marry her but that he didn't believe her story about her dead parents leaving her an inheritance that she can only access if she gets married and has at least a child. When he hears of her death, he is shocked as he believes she was killed by one of his enemies. He proclaims his innocence and although they don't believe him, they are forced to let him go due to one of his connections in high places arranging for his release.

Grace goes to visit Tayo in the hospital but finds out that he has checked himself out. Tayo goes to the family lawyer's office and tells the shocked lawyer that his wife is dead and he wants some of her inheritance to pay for her burial. Tayo gives the lawyer the prenuptial agreement he and Maka signed as proof but he learns that the agreement is invalid. After Tayo leaves the lawyer's office, the lawyer goes to the police station to find out the details of Maka's death. After talking to the officers in charge of the case, she tells them about the inheritance and the stipulations her parents placed on it: that she be married for 3 years and produce at least one child. He tells them about Tayo's visit and his disappointment when he found out Maka had lied to him about the inheritance. Grace is convinced she now has motive that Tayo is guilty but Vincent instead suspects the lawyer as the guilty party.

Kemi and Tayo meet up in the bathroom of a grocery store and they kiss even as they declare their love for each other, at the same time the lawyer and his partner discuss the possibility of keeping the inheritance for themselves now that Maka is dead. Rude attacks and kills the enemy that he believes murdered Maka. Meanwhile, Vincent is keeping tabs on the lawyer while Grace is parked outside Tayo's home trying to keep tabs on him. Tayo enters the lawyer's office without being seen by Vincent, attacks him and coerces him into releasing his wife's inheritance to him. As he is leaving the building, he is arrested and detained by Vincent. At the police station, Grace and Vincent try to get Tayo to confess to killing his wife but he tells them he has an alibi so he smugly refuses. Grace and Vincent concede they do not have proof so they decide to look for an accomplice.

Kemi walks into the police station later that night and tells them Tayo killed his wife and gives them the murder weapon. Tayo is locked up but he is shocked to see Kemi as he is being carried out of the station. Tayo and Kemi connived to murder Maka, get married as planned and share her inheritance. Her husband, while maintaining his alibi, lured her to a lonely road at night where Kemi was waiting to stab her several times. Kemi's motive for giving Tayo up was the fact she heard he was about to skip town and she was not ready to let him leave her twice. She rides into the sunset.

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