ACTOR Title: Being Man

Written by: Jake Iorio

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: A young man who discovers his sexual identity must face the challenges of coming out.

Synopsis: Being Man tells the story of Luke Mosby, a twenty-two year old from Orange County, who transfers to college in the middle of urban Los Angeles. He soon discovers after rushing a college fraternity, that he is gay. As a way to cope with his identity crisis, he attends a coming out support group in the eccentric gay neighborhood of West Hollywood. At this support group he meets Craig, a notorious player in the gay world, along with the adorable and troubled Sarah who offers a motherly touch while still being one of the guys. The people Luke comes across test him and eventually help him confront his own insecurities and doubts. A story that combines themes of postmodernism, individualism and self-responsibility, the protagonist comes to realize that being a man requires a lot more than what modern culture dictates.

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