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BRIAN DEANE - See director BIO

Brian's final year film Without Words went on to win the Social & Environment award at Spike Lee's inaugural International Film Festival in Cannes 2008.

Since then he has gone on to setup his own Film production company Technowolf Films, which specialises in web and viral video. Over the last few years TW Films has worked with some of the biggest companies in Ireland creating video content.

Brian has also directed a number of music videos for some of Ireland's brightest emerging music acts.

His short film Volkswagen Joe, is a film adaptation of the award winning short play of the same name.

The project is funded by cross border PEACE III.


One of the big issues that we wanted to examine as filmmakers was the extreme polarizing of society that could be found all over Ireland in the 1980s. People were not only forced on to a side but also forced into opposition. In a time of great sectarian conflict and with such a deeply divided society, trying to walk that line between two factions can be almost impossible; especially when societies and groups define themselves by who and what they are against rather then celebrating who they are. These same divisions are as evident today around the world as they were in Ireland 30 years ago.

Short Film from Ireland

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