ACTOR Title: Cheatz

Written by: Lelia Steed and Thomas Salmon

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Romcom

Logline: During afterwork drinks, office nerd Paul Hughes makes his move on Ashley, the office alpha, and fails hard. But Paul finds a mysterious phone loaded with Cheatz: the ultimate seduction app. Now a real-life Don Juan, he tries to win Ashley's heart but she proves hard to get. As the malevolent phone slowly sucks the life from Paul's body, his uber-bro flatmate, Will, steals the phone to win back his ex-girlfriend. Paul tries to get it back, Will vanishes, and Ashley is left hypnotised by the phone. In a race against time, Paul teams up with Gurl-8bit, a hacker, and together they unlock the secrets of Cheatz and save the friends from the deadly app.

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