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Christopher H.K. Lee is an award-winning filmmaker/writer/publisher and media artist. He has over 27 years of multi-cultural and diverse industry experience in the fields of architecture, interactive media, visual effects and animations as a director/producer and over twelve years of lecturing experience at colleges in both South Korea and the U.S. Mr. Lee has produced many feature and short films, including several others that raise awareness of Korean history, culture and current affairs titled "I am Grace," "Rescued by Fate," and "Fading Away."

The Last Tear - Director's Statement

I'd heard about the "comfort women" issue many times through the news, media, books, newspapers, and what not. But I never really had a true personal interest in the subject until my students and I began researching about the possibility of putting together a documentary on the topic. The conclusions of our research were a little different from what I was being told and described.

Regardless of whether or not this is a political or social issue, we felt responsible and struggled to think of what we could do for the survivors of this dark history, who still confront violence. Their constant pain and social outcry continues.

We traveled thousands of miles to visit the actual historical locations and had many opportunities to meet with the ladies still alive, and be witnesses of the scars left on their bodies and souls. Some were supported through political platforms, and some were a part of an organizational base trying to make their voice heard. Many of these actions though, are still unknown to the rest of the world.

These women are becoming weaker day by day and we believe that such traces of painful memories and tragic stories may not ever be healed, but by remembering them and embracing them, we will provide them with the sense of closure they need.

With great passion, our newer generations have learned and felt every emotion of our culture, history and heritage with a great appreciation for our surviving Harmonis (grandmothers).

Through our documentary film, we wish to share the emotions of the past and to connect our generations in a way that is surpassingly more humanistic. Through understanding the faults of the past, we allow them to never be erased, and prevent them from happening again.

MOVIESTHE LAST TEAR, 11min, USA, Documentary
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