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  MOVIE POSTER S IS FOR BIRD, 11min, Comedy/Romance, Canada
Directed by Matt Sadowski

Every day is a personal hell for the loveless, and unfortunately named, Bird, who works at the Family Fun Centre. But when an interesting book, a precocious 6-year old little girl and a new snack bar girl enter his world, perhaps things will be a bit more sunny.

Matt Austin Sadowski says:

"S is for Bird is my first film that isnít dark and tortured. Itís certainly not autobiographical but I definitely owe its colourful and sweet disposition to the fact that people would probably describe me that way. This is the first film Iíve made since Iíve become a dad.

As I read and re-read and re-re-read the same childrenís book nightly over and over for my daughter I began to really examine all the metaphors to the point that they related to my life Ė in the same way people can link vague horoscopes to events in their day.

Taking my daughter to countless indoor kidís playgrounds/amusement parks and being a people watcher, the one thing I noticed about everyone who works at these places was that they all looked miserable.

Sure thereís screaming and crying and vomit to clean up but they work in the happiest of places with kids running and laughing and, well, loving.

Take someone who hates their life, who doesnít have any joy in the day and put them in that environment and Ö yeesh.

That is every day for Bird, a character who works at the Family Fun Centre. Located in the basement of a strip mall in a small town, he descends the stairs to his own personal hell, into the blackness of his glow-in-the-dark mini putt/bouncy castle/stale nacho world.

S is for Bird begins when his usually monotonous day is shaken with the arrival of a cute new snack bar girl and a simple childrenís book he discovers stuck in the pinsetter behind the bowling lanes. These two new things force the usually cantankerous and unfortunately named Bird to begin a friendship with a precocious six-year old girl.

The film is about the funny way we look for, and find, love."