Title: Creepydad

Written by: Daniel Kitron

Genre: Animation, Comedy


Logline: Creepydad revolves around the power struggle that ensues as audacious brothers Cargo and Buddha defy the new adults in their lives- their "astronaut" father, fresh back from space, and the depraved mother of the new neighbor kid.

Synopsis: All Cargo and Buddha ever wanted to do is do their thing. Is that so wrong? Sure, there's the occasional morally outrageous hit single, the occasional magnetic catastrophe, but boys will be boys. Now though, daddy's back from space, and not only is he not the good-time hero-man the boys expected, he's creepy! Worse yet, he's going to make them do (gasp!) chores! As if that wasn't bad enough, there are new neighbors, and while the boys click with C-dawg, the kid of the family, his mom ("Crazymom") is all up in their grizznozzle. Every time the boys are on their grind with a flamingo meat scam or a fake grandma long-con, one of these spunk junkies interferes. What choice do the boys have? These player-hating parents have got to go.

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