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Director David Lawrence's love of film began at five-years-old, in a dark Cineplex, watching Star Wars. Mesmerized by the characters and the way they came to life on screen set his imagination on fire.

At age eleven, it was a rented VHS copy of Nightmare on Elm St., watched late one night at a friend's house that ushered in an undying love of horror films. The idea that you could draw someone into a fictional world and scare the crap out of them was an appealing one. After that, he watched every horror movie from the 70s and 80s that his local video store had to offer.

In 2013 David wrote a full-length feature titled, Casual Encounter, a psychological thriller about a man whose seemingly anonymous internet hook up results in grave consequences. He raised $5000 on Kickstarter to make it into a proof-of-concept short and hopes to see it made as a feature.

Since then, David has directed three more shorts: Dream Big, Something in the Woods, and his latest, Don't Let Them In. This creepy little film explores the legend of the Black Eyed Kids who come knocking late at night. The idea of innocent-looking kids who play on our sympathies, but hide sinister intentions, is tremendously creepy.

David lives in Los Angeles.

festival posterDon't Let Them In

13min, US, Horror/Thriller