Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror

Logline: A young woman must find a rare gramophone record before her 21st birthday or lose her soul to a demon trapped inside that record.

FIRST HOOK: Would you dare let a demon cure your dying daughter in return for her soul?

For desperate father, CHUCK, the temptation is too great. The power of the demon is overwhelming and kills him during the ritual... But not before he traps the demon's spirit in the grooves of a rare 78rpm gramophone record.

That child, JOAN, blissfully unaware of the bargain that was struck, is now a week away from her 21st birthday -- the day her soul will be claimed.

SECOND HOOK: Discovering you're cursed...

NICK, a record shop owner from across Detroit, steals the rare 78. Joan's mother, BRIGITTE, is forced to tell all about Chuck's Faustian pact and Joan's imminent date with destiny -- together the two of them go to retrieve what is there in order to break the curse.

FINAL HOOK: The ultimate betrayal...

In the process of finding the record Joan learns that Brigitte is not her real mother and is working for the demon, Joan teams up with Nick to try to find a way of reversing the curse or destroying the demon before he claims her soul.

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