ACTOR Title: Demons 4 Dummies

Written by: Rollin Jewett

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Logline: The good news: Teenager Maxwell Silver finally figured out what that ancient key he found in his grandfather's attic goes to. The bad news: it's the key to the underworld and the devil wants it back!

Synopsis: Likable teen protagonist Maxwell Silver gains possession of an ancient key and book which will guide him in his perilous battle against the forces of evil. Aided by an irreverent middle-aged "undercover" angel, Max must use his special skills and keen intellect to keep the devil himself (and his wild assortment of demonic minions) from escaping hell. Romance blossoms in the form of a classmate with whom the demon will barter -- as in the end, Max must choose between love and Armageddon. An entertaining combination of "Buffy" meets "Ghostbusters", this script checks all the boxes for hilarity and fun!

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