ACTOR Title: Devil's Island

Written by: Matthew Riehl

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Logline: While investigating a grisly murder, a homicide detective discovers evidence that puts him at the crime scene. As he digs for answers to this unsettling mystery, what he uncovers is so insidious that finding the truth is as much a challenge as maintaining his sanity.

Synopsis: Since being shot while trying to prevent a grocery store robbery, during which he accidentally shot and killed an innocent young man, veteran homicide detective, Niles Patrick, has been haunted by a recurring dream in which he witnesses his own murder. He's been seeing a psychologist, with whom he's fallen in love, who's been using hypnotherapy to try and help him decipher the dream and cope with the crushing guilt associated with the teen's death. Meanwhile, Internal Affairs is tightening the screws on him to determine if the kill was righteous.

One early morning, Niles' world begins to unravel when he's awakened during the dream by his boss, who directs him to the scene of a murder. When he arrives, what he sees is gruesome--a beautiful young woman with her throat slit ear to ear. His team gathers evidence, and when Niles runs some fingerprints, what he sees is inconceivable. The prints are his. In a panic, he compromises the evidence and claims the prints are useless.

Beginning to question his grasp on reality, Niles uses his computer's web cam to record himself sleeping to ensure that's all he was actually doing. The next morning, he gets on the computer and watches himself awake at 1 am before getting out of bed, dressing and leaving his apartment. He fast-forwards until seeing himself return at 2 am, soaking wet, toweling himself dry and getting into bed. No murder occurred that evening; however, the murder from the night prior occurred at approximately 1:30 am.

Two days later, Niles wakes up to the same nightmare, but this time with blood on his hands, arms, shirt and sheets. Shortly after, he's called to the scene of another similar murder--a stunning young woman fitting the profile of the previous victim and butchered via the same grisly MO. There are no fingerprints this time. When Niles watches the video from that night, he sees himself get out of bed, again at 1 am, dress and put gloves on before leaving his apartment. He fast-forwards until watching himself return, just before 2 am, removing the gloves, which are blood-soaked, placing them in a plastic bag, throwing them in the trash and getting in bed. He shows no emotion in the video and, again, the murder happened during his hour-long absence.

As the bodies start to pile up, the police conclude they're dealing with a serial killer. By this time, Niles' partner, Marcus Lattimore, is beginning to suspect his friend of over twenty years might be complicit in these crimes. Knowing his arrest is imminent, and growing increasingly convinced he's a psychopath, Niles goes on the run, intent on determining if he's committing the heinous acts and, if so, how and why.

After ruling himself out as the killer, Niles embarks on a dangerous quest to find the real murderer, with his partner and the rest of his department hot on his heels, and as the story nears its conclusion, he learns he's the victim of a nefarious plot to frame him for the murders by the last person he'd ever suspect. But his redemption is fleeting, as what happens next makes his nightmare pale in comparison.

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