ACTOR Title: Dreams

Written by: Jonathan Colon

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Logline: This is bound to be a horror classic; as well as, horror film history found in contemporary times.

Synopsis: This film is about a fictitious city called Dreams: It explores a very trying time in it's history. This is a horror film with a happy ending: the good guys win. This is a very scary film; as well as, a real thrill ride. In the mid 70's individuals migrated to Dreams. These people were possessed. They could possess others. The inhabitants of Dreams do not know who can be one of them. They look and act like everyone else; they never change appearance. No one knows who is who. It could be anybody, one's neighbor, one's wife, one's son. They only manifest their true nature before a murder; or, massacre. Murders occur at the hands of the possessed and then the possessed one commits suicide: each time. This is also the case for when the murders become massacres. At one point one of the possessed begins to influence people to act in an abnormal way; the inhabitants do not know what's going on. At it's worse the inhabitants manifest their fear constantly; this, all being citywide. The members of a gang called "The 49th St Hustlaz"; of Dreams' inner-city; are the only ones who can tell who is a "possessed one" or not. Those of The 49th Street Hustlaz know it's upon them to deliver an end to the possessed: which they do.

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