ACTOR Title: Edi Scissorhands

Written by: Racheli Frishman

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Logline: A sequel. 26 years later, Edward's son arrives to NY and becomes a successful clothes designer.

Synopsis: Edi is 21 years old and was also created by a scientist to keep his dad a company. His father Edward raised him in an isolated castle and taught him all about his scissors art. Edi is shy and not so talkative the same as his dad, but he wishes to go out to the real world and be "somebody. His dad tries to persuade him not to leave because he is afraid that his son might get hurt by people. Nevertheless, Edi is highly talented and motivated but quite naive. He arrives to NY and starts designing never-seen-like dresses for women; soon he also opens his own clothes shop which becomes a huge success. He and becomes a celebrity and even superstars order from him. However, he falls in love with the wrong person - a beautiful singer who uses him, and becomes more and more drifted from his dad and on top of it all - his jealous colleagues try to ruin his upcoming fashion show.

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