ACTOR Title: Encounter in Nineveh, A route to Personal Enlightenment

Written by: Mahmoud Nafousi

Type: Novel

Genre: Biography, Adventure, Drama

Logline: Nafousi, senior executive of a major company in the UK, sends his daughter Roxie, to Nineveh in Iraq in 2003. Just then, the war breaks out and he has to leave Oxford hurriedly to bring her back. While he is there, he visits his favourite childhood site, the Ancient Ruins of biblical Nineveh.

He finds himself stuck in a cave with five alien holograms or angels who want to pass hidden knowledge and wisdom to humanity. These shadows call themselves, Newton, Abraham, Darwin, Plato, and Adam Smith. They dress in accordance to the costume of their era. They specialise in science, religion, biology, philosophy and economics respectively. The book is in the form of a dialogue with these holograms. The readers will be exposed to answers to the most difficult questions being asked, will enjoy the funny comments being made, and the many relevant quotes from the aliens and the Holy Books.

Each holographic angel spends one day with the writer passing the knowledge in his field of expertise. They revise Genesis to show that God created eternal processes and does not involve Himself in the details but leave the exercise of His powers to the Holy Spirit (the book rename it as the Divine Dimension in which the physical universe flo ats). They give rational explanations to all the known mysteries of the natural and the supernatural observations.

Newton explains the general theory of physics. He combines the theory of quantum physics with the theory of gravity. This is done by explaining how God created the first two blackholes followed by the Big Bang and how God determined the speed of light and allowed the photon to bend in a circular motion to form the neutrons, protons and the electrons. The vibrations of the photons and the gravity of the atoms are explained as the interaction of these particles with the Divine Dimension. He explains the role of Blackholes in stabilizing the universe and ensuring its eternity. He defines time as a by-product of motion. He defines space as being infinite and changing with the movement of galaxies away from each other. All current physical observations become easy to explain and can be deduced and visualised by this simplified general theory.

The next day Abraham explains the role of various faiths in human life. He explains why faiths create rigidities in the mind. He also explains how religions get corrupted by the orthodox nature of religious institutions. He advocates why all religions must evolve like everything else in nature to stay relevant to the lives of the people. He explains what the Soul is and gives a new definition of Heaven and Hell. He quotes from the various Holy Books to support the revised Genesis. He reconciles the various contradictions found in the monolithic faiths and advocate religious dialogue. He restates the "Universal Moral Code" that should guide humanity into peaceful co-existence and tranquility to allow the evolutionary process to complete the job and rid humanity of the evils within.

Darwin's teachings cover the reconciliation between creationism and evolution. He explains that God created the seeds of life with the built-in scientific manual and sensors to guide the evolutionary process in all the living organisms. The ultimate purpose of creation is for the intelligent beings, which are not unique to this planet, to continue with creativity and to recreate the seeds of life. The functioning of the brain was explained and the creation of artificial intelligence spelled out.

Then Plato moves to explain what is wrong with many human beings and why they are morally defective due to the greed and cravings for power. He advocates few centuries of peaceful co-existence to allow the evolutionary process to correct the moral codes through open mindedness and reflection. He calls for the control of money that is corrupting politics and calls for activism to establish a new vision leading to "Just World Order". He describes various ways to deal with the current failings of the democratic systems. He deals with the negative forces the mobs represent in the less ethical cultures. He suggests ways and means to resolve the ME problems. He describes how the powerful elites are colluding to create regional conflicts and planting the seeds for clash of civilisations.

Then Adam Smith speaks about the role of cultures in shaping economic progress. He advocates ways to control Casino banking, to improve work ethics of major corporations and strengthen their social responsibilities. He emphasise the role of charities and retirees in raising the cultural and ethical standards of those countries to play their positive role in shaping the world. He calls for full employment, with less spending on luxuries, with surpluses passed to help poorer countries to stop immigration and shorter working hours to avoid resources depletion of our planet. Adam predicts the failure of the Euro project based on the principle that you cannot have one currency and one interest rate policy for countries with different cultural values and work ethics. He also predicts upheaval in China leading to a return to more sever totalitarian system of government.

The last chapter is in the form of a dialogue with Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed to reconcile all the differences between the various religions and to explain some of mysterious versus found in Holy books .jesus explains his role as Earth's governor in the kingdom of heaven and why only through him the souls of the virtuous will dwell there. They also touch on other major religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and argue that what matters is the character of the individuals and not the ritual attached to the structured religions.

The book is aimed at dealing with human morality and calls for activism in politics and spreading universal moral codes. It is aimed at re-wiring the reader's brain to become more tolerant, compassionate and public spirited. It is aimed at creating a peaceful world through the creation of a "Just World Order" funded by taxing export, financial transactions, and fossil fuels.

The book ends with each hologram making 3 revelations of major events that will take place in the centuries to come. Then the author wakes up from a deep coma to find himself in an American Hospital in Mosul (where 11 years later the Islamic State was declared in 2014). He gives the impression that his coma was due to his Soul departing from his body during the bombing to receive hidden knowledge over a period of 7 days.

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