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  MOVIE POSTER EVOLUTION, Romance/Suspence - 11min - Germany
Directed by Georg Jungermann

Tim told his girlfriend Lena that there is something in the wardrobe. Now she is alone and lurks around it all day. Deep in the dark night she can't stand it any more.

Directed by Georg Jungermann

Writter George Jungermann


Elisabeth Muller as Lena
Georg Jungermann as Tim

Produced by Georg Jungermann

Music by
Andrej Asanov
Oleg Tarasov
Tschisch & Co

Cinematography by Clemens Kruger

Film Editing by Iris Stenzel-Uda

Production Design by Mandy Schuller

Set Decoration by Dennis Elias
Mandy Schuller

Release Dates
USA 10 September 2012 (Harlem International Film Festival)

The filmmakers debut.
5 Awards: New York City, Toronto, Las Vegas, Hamburg, Steinfurt.
38 film festivals: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus.
70 movie theaters and 30 TV stations so far.


The film is a ROMANTIC COMEDY with SUSPENSE, THRILLER and HORROR elements, so that there are several genres in the mix. Besides the story offers a very surprising twist ending. The plot is timeless, offers fine humor, it is intelligently composed, and its new.

Overall the film is about a very characteristic part of human nature which turned out to be virtually indelible, very powerful and with far-reaching consequences .

12 minutes

toronto film festival