WATCH FEBRUARY 2015 Poetry Readings
From WILDsound Writing Festival

WATCH FEBRUARY 2015 Poetry Readings
 When I Left You, by Kenyetta Lewis  I Love You So Much, by Kenyetta Lewis

 Excaliber, by John David Lionel  Emotions, by Kenyetta Lewis

 boyz will b boyz, by cc lindh  Aging With Orion, by Clarissa Simmens

 NEON GLOW, by Susan Jane Selfe  THE MAGICAL TRUTH, by H. Dalziel B.  REVOLUTION, by Isabel Szurlej

 THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS, by Peter van der Stoep  SUCCESS, by Tina L. Morgado  AGING WITH ORION, by Clarisa Simmens

 HALLOWED GROUND, by Thomas Albritton  THE GHOSTS ARE HUNGRY, by Robert Rife  LILITHS SONG, by Priscilla McGreer

 SISTER LILITH, by Priscilla McGreer  VRYKOLAKAS, by Angela Marie Suor  THE BLUE PARADE UP GETTYSBURG PIKE, by Alan Hostetter