Federico Heller
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Federico Heller was born in 1983, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His interest in visual arts began at the age of seven when he started studying clay sculpture. At the age of fourteen he started filming and editing with his own equipment and a few years later he got a few jobs as editor. He joined film school already having a solid knowledge in montage and storytelling and continued to train in visual effects, animation and digital art. After working in studios and a year of freelancing, in 2003 Federico decided to join forces with his brother and co-founded 3DAR. There and for, the following years he worked as director, producer and visual effects supervisor to hundreds of different projects for TV, advertising and film. His interest in storytelling and character development led him to write original stories for TV series and in 2015 he wrote and directed his first short film Uncanny Valley.

festival posterUNCANNY VALLEY

9min, Argentina, Sci-Fi/Experimental