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Gonzalo Torrens is a Uruguayan screenwriter and director born in Montevideo on April 2, 1986.

As a young boy, Gonzalo began writing stories, screenplays and comics and therefore started filming compulsively as a teen, activity he developed throughout all high school.

Upon completion in 2004 he made a short film entitled "ONE, TWO, THREE", and earned a full scholarship to pursue a degree in filmmaking at the Uruguayan Film School (ECU). His studies began in March 2005 and continued til he graduated in December 2008.

Furthermore in April of the same year Gonzalo writes, produces and directs "Heavenly Covenant" a short film which remains one of the most emblematic films produced at the school, beautifully shot on 16 mm format.

"Heavenly Covenant" won the first prize at the International Festival of Film Schools in 2009, and was recognized in several other competitions such as the San Pablo International Film Festival, Contravision International Short Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, and the Uruguayan film exposition at Huesca.

In June 2009 he writes, produces and directs "Guitarrela" which will become his graduation thesis, a short film starring Cesar Troncoso (film star from the Pope's Bathroom) and in the middle of that same year, he joins the everyday school staff as teacher specialized in post production and editing.

By March 2010, Gonzalo began working as coordinator of the post-production department of the Uruguayan Film School.

This is when he writes, produces and directs "Too Much Water" along with his partner Nicolas Botana.

That same year he also writes the script for "The Broken Woman" along with Jeremias Segovia. This screenplay earns them the first prize granted by the ICAU (Film Institute of Uruguay) competitive funds, awarding the amount of $ 10,000 destined to the funding of this particular project.

La Jolla Films employs Torrens as director in July 2011.

With this company he directs several commercials for, national and international, big-name brands such as Santander and Amnesty International.

Gonzalo then directs "T IS FOR TOMATO" project which was submitted for the "ABCS OF DEATH"online contest. This short film ended up among the top ten finalists of the competition where it figured as one of the most voted by the audience.

Later on film producers included the short film as part of the bonus feature available on the Bluray edition of 2012 which had its domestic international premiere on May 21st.

By 2012, "0 VIEWS", the first advertising piece directed by Torrens for Amnesty International, won a bronze lion at the International Advertising festival of Cannes in the "public relations" domain, a stunning win in the history of Uruguayan advertising.

That same year by November "Too Much Water" premieres at AFI FEST (International Film Festival of American Film Institute) in Hollywood, California.

"Too Much Water" was the first Uruguayan short film to get officially selected as part of a prestigious festival, the film received an amazing reception from the public.

In early 2013, "The Broken Woman" co-scripted and directed by Jeremias Segovia, won the first prize for best narrative short film at the Latino Short Film Festival of San Diego. By May of that year "Too Much Water" returns to Los Angeles as part of the L.A FILM FESTIVAL, one of the most prestigious festivals in the industry of moviemaking.

Right now, Gonzalo is currently working on the script for his opera prima: "SUDDENLY THE NIGHT"

Short Film from Urugauy