Best of Cavill Movie Scenes and Videos!

1. SUPERMAN VS GENERAL ZOD - The final battle of Man of Steel 2013. Lots of buildings were harmed during the making of this film!

2. MAN OF STEEL TORNADO SCENE - Jonathan Kent's death scene as Clark Kent watches and doesn't use his super powers.

3. SUPERMAN SAVES LOIS - Superman chats with Dad as we makes the decision to save Lois' life.

4. MAN OF STEEL OIL RIG SCENE - A buff and shirtless Henry Cavill saves the oil rig and many others in his pre-Superman days.

5. MAN OF STEEL KISS SCENE - Henry Cavill and Amy Adams lock lips in the 2013 Superman movie.

6. MAN OF STEEL BAR SCENE - Watch the funny Superman 2013 scene as Clark Kent defends his waitress girlfriend.

7. MAN OF STEEL INTERROGATION SCENE - Superman and Lois Lane have a chat. Scene where she asks him what the S stands for.

8. MAN OF STEEL FIGHT SCENES - Superman faces off against General Zod, Faora and others as a small town gets destroyed for no reason and then a big city.

9. MAN OF STEEL END SCENE - Watch the final scene as Superman becomes the bumbling Clark Kent and begins to work at The Daily Planet.

10. YOU THINK YOU CAN THREATEN MY MOTHER? - After Zod throws Clark's mother to the ground, he gets a little angry.