ACTOR Title: Her Soul Intention

Written by: Linda Hullinger

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Logline: A mischievous ten-year-old soul is given three days on Earth to stop her mother from marrying the wrong man, but before she can get her mission underway, she must borrow a comatose body and persuade a guilt-ridden musician to help her.

Synopsis: Ten years after surrogate mother, Sarah Richard miscarries her baby in a car crash, she crosses paths with the man who indirectly caused the accident. But, she is unaware of who he is. She had been told that the Theriot brothers, in the other vehicle, had died in the accident also. Kevin Theriot and his half brother, Jake Phillips had died. But Jake had later been resuscitated.

However, this time when they meet, it's at her Uncle Trab's bed and breakfast in Grand Isle. Uncle Trab has hired Jake's band, Phillips & Company to play at her engagement party. Jake no longer plays guitar, due to the accident, but continues to manage the band.

The morning before the gig, Jake, now long-haired and looking rough from years of self-inflicted guilt and his current hangover, is awakened by noise in his kitchen. It is ten-year-old, mischievously quirky, Angie. She is searching his cabinets for popcorn. Angie, a walk-in, is the soul of Sarah's deceased baby, who has borrowed the body of a comatose child, Lisa, from a hospital in Grand Isle.

Angie is on a mission from T.E.S.S. (The Eternal Supreme Spirit) to stop Sarah from marrying Frank, her fiance. He has no tolerance for children, and expects Sarah to give up her job at the hospital as a clown, along with her Reiki healing, (which he calls her witchdoctor nonsense) after they are married. He also has secret plans of putting Uncle Trab in a nursing home, and selling the bed and breakfast that Sarah would then inherit. T.E.S.S. warns Angie that she's only been allotted three days of spiritual energy, while in Lisa's body, to complete her task, and must use it wisely or she will end up in soul limbo.

At first, Jake assumes Angie is a homeless runaway by her tangled long, brown hair, and disheveled, ill-fitting clothes. It is only after she frightens him with telekinesis (her one supernatural perk) and quotes the details of his near death experience following the accident (something only he knew) that he decides she is from the Other Side, and agrees to help her.

While traveling to Grand Isle, Angie tells Jake her plan, but never admits to borrowing Lisa's body. She convinces him to treat her to a hair and clothes makeover for the party.

When they reach the bed and breakfast, she is now a curly, cropped, bleached blonde wearing a tourist tee-shirt and denim shorts. At her request, Jake introduces her as his visiting niece. She and Sarah hit it off immediately and the engagement party is a guarded success. But, Frank, now jealous of Jake and Angie, displays signs of his strained relationship with Sarah. The following day at breakfast, when Sarah shows Jake a photo on the front of the newspaper of the missing girl and notes how she looks somewhat like Angie, Jake confronts Angie privately on the back porch. Angie finally explains to Jake that she is a walk-in, and had to borrow Lisa's body to complete her mission.

Uncle Trab overhears their conversation and tells Sarah. She thinks he's disoriented from being in the sun too long. He has a history of talking about angels and spirits when he becomes overheated ever since he lost his wife to cancer. Sarah humors him, but doesn't really believe his story about Angie being an angel. Later, Sarah secretly alerts Jake about Uncle Trab's condition in case he tries mentioning it to Angie. She doesn't want Uncle Trab to scare Angie.

Frank is called away on business, giving Jake and Sarah time to learn more about Angie and grow closer to one another. Later that night, during the fish fry, Angie falls and rips her blouse, exposing a chest scar that the newspaper reported Lisa also had. Sarah questions Angie, but Angie promises to explain it all on Memorial Day; her last day there.

But, when Frank returns unexpectedly, he, too, notices that Angie resembles Lisa, and secretly calls the Sheriff. The sheriff thinks Angie is Lisa and returns her to the hospital.

Furious at Frank, Sarah turns to Jake for answers. Jake and Sarah take a ride, and he tells her what he knows, including that Angie is a walk-in. Sarah wants to believe him but she's skeptical. Jake suggests that she test Angie the next day.

After convincing Sarah, while using her supernatural abilities, Angie is drained of her energy and now concerned about being able to return to the Other Side.

Frank arrives at the hospital angry that Sarah is spending too much time with Jake and Angie. They argue and Sarah breaks up with him. He leaves threatening Jake will pay for it.

Saddened that it is her last day on Earth with Jake and Sarah, Angie begs them to sneak her out of the hospital for one last night of fun. Reluctantly, they do so, and take her back to the bed and breakfast for the Memorial Day barbecue.

That night, Angie convinces Jake to let Sarah use her Reiki healing to heal Jake's hands. Angie assures them that his hands were never damaged. It was his guilt from his brother's death that kept him from playing. He blamed himself for getting too drunk and needing to pull over, which caused the accident. Afterwards, he ends the gig by playing a song for Angie.

Frank returns to the hospital assuming Sarah will be there, and sees that Angie is not in her bed. He alerts the sheriff again and heads back to the bed and breakfast.

In their rush to return Angie back to the hospital, Jake and Sarah nearly crash into Frank on the same highway where it all began ten years before. When the sheriff arrives, they claim they were returning Angie to the hospital because she had run away again.

When it's time for Angie to vacate Lisa's body, she fears she's used all her energy and will be stuck in limbo. Sarah uses Reiki to restore her. Shortly afterwards, Sarah and Jake witness the spirit of Angie returning to the Other Side.

Throughout the story, Angie is obsessed with popcorn because the kids on the Other Side have told her how wonderful it is. The story ends when Jake and Sarah leave the hospital room, and a nurse hurries past them with a bag of popcorn. Another patient has just awakened from a coma and is begging for the salty treat. Could it be Angie again?

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