ACTOR Title: In Some Way

Written by: Sean Christian

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy, Dark Comedy, Action

Logline: A failing writer (and overall failing human) finds himself in desperate need to make money after his bookie comes to collect. He tries to sell the only thing he can possibly offer, hiring an edgy prostitute to market his offensive script.

Synopsis: Guy is a nobody, struggling writer living off of a wealthy female friend, Audrey, that generously allows him an apartment at one of her buildings. Guy has just finished his latest work, and everyone who reads it finds it offensive, since it is a story dealing with sensitive issues to women that men have no right to talk about; Audrey, his mid-level agent Hal, and several companies reject him, but Guy is sure it is great. On another front, Guy owes money to his bookie who also happens to be his cousin, J, but not for what he thinks, and finds himself in a life-threatening debt.

At the end of his rope, he behaves as any desperate person might, though, maybe more so after ingesting suspicious Gummy Worm candy. Guy is soon wrapped up in ill-thought out schemes and disturbing disguises as he hurries to make his deadline.

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