Written by: Aline Armant

Genre: Fantasy

Type: Short Script

LOGLINE: May 7, 1902. Saint-Pierre is called - Paris of the West Indies - because it is the most prosperous city around. A beautiful site where passions and excess reign.

Nobody knows it but tomorrow the 30 000 inhabitants will die in 3 minutes. Paradise will turn to Hell. The Mount Pelee is going to destroy the town and it will remains only ruins. Hundreds of snakes will leave the volcano for reaching the countryside. People will be running, screaming and dying in a blow. Biblical plague ?

Eva, a poor-creole girl of 7 years old, lives in the famous street - Rue Monte-au-Ciel - with her family. This morning, she is going to school with her classmate Samuel. The two kids like sometimes skippig school, for playing to hide and seek in the shade of a silk-cotton tree. But the silk-cotton tree is not a tree like any other tree and today is not just another day. That's why Eva is going to meet somebody special who can save her life before the disaster.

But for this, she will have to make a choice.

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