Indra Sproge
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Indra Sproge- See director BIO

For me the most important is - to ensure meaningful output of my creative process. I am artist. And I become writer so that my characters would know what to do. In order to teach zebras and beetles to move and act I become a director and animator. My aim is to create not just decorative objects but also something useful and applicable in real life. I need an added value to my artistic expression. My intrinsic qualities. My book "Million" helps a child to learn reading unwittingly. A child learns all the multiplication table from my book (with 55 animations added) "Teach me, Rhinobear!". And all the kids in Latvia knows Latvian alphabet, thanks animation with catchy melody "Joka pec Alfabets".

My artist's approach is based on associations. In order to bring my ideas to life and to ensure that the associations would be as diverse as possible I employ different techniques and materials. I devote my work to children's education. I am happy to turn rather boring process of learning into the most exciting adventure for the kids not only in Latvia but all over the world. My new project "Awesome Beetles Colors" goes through the English Alphabet with great fun and excitement, using visual, audial and kinesthetic associations.


3min, Latvia, Animation/Musical