Ivan Radkine
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Ivan Radkine- See director BIO

Early passion for a radical film, Tod Browning Flerming Victor Ivan Radkine is intended intuitively to the world of film.

Prices gleaned from his first short films, as well as his theatrical experience, settled in this universe, but first under actor.

In court Florent, he already filmed his classmates with his super 8 camera After his acting training, Ivan starts short programs, pubs, to the TV series and TV movie.

Alongside this career, Ivan continues to work on realization through his short films and film writing.

He returned here after AS Monday in 2006, awarded at Clermont Ferrand Film Festival and aired on France 2, with THE ART OF GESTURE, a short film of 15 minutes to black humor. A dramatic movie, silent and ... particular.

MOVIESTHE ART OF GESTURE, 16min, France, Horror/Thriller
Short Film Showcase