Written by: Tam Herman

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Romance

Logline: In her search for restoration from the childhood sexual abuse that scarred her, magazine editor Lily Stone gives her trust and heart to Ryder Bishop, a powerful and beautiful venture capitalist, who alone carries a secret that binds together their shared tragic pasts and, if discovered, could shatter Lily's innocence completely.

Synopsis: Connection: it's something we all seek, and those lucky enough to find it know the true power it possesses; but in this often-disconnected world, it can be exhausting and near impossible to form lasting relationships.

Lily Stone and Ryder Bishop are two fragile souls with a shared past of tragedy and pain who find themselves irrevocably drawn to each other.

When Lily, a twenty-something editor's assistant at Jagged Edge Magazine, meets Ryder, an urbane, ruggedly handsome venture capitalist in his thirties, their connection ignites. The intensity of their chemistry binds them together in a passion that's unlike anything either have ever experienced.

Regardless of their commitment to each other, one secret threatens to tear them apart as Ryder struggles with a piece of his past that binds them together on an even deeper level-a secret that could destroy the woman he loves.

JAGGED EDGE explores themes of childhood trauma, staggering sexual awakening, and the healing power, peace, and safety of real love.

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