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JANE TATTERSALL is one of Canada's premier film and television professionals with a successful career in sound editing and design. Her dedication to the art of film sound has earned her an international reputation for creativity and skill, and she has over 100 awards and nominations.

In recent years Jane's activities in film have expanded to include writing and directing. She has attended the TIFF Talent Lab, studied at RADA, taken a number of screenwriting and acting courses and workshops, and written and directed 4 short films including "Hot Water" which won first prize from the TIFF Emerging Filmmakers competition, having been selected by a jury of international filmmakers.

Wildlife is Jane's 3rd short film. It was borne of the frustration of waiting for official endorsement - funding. Jane decided she had to make a film anyway, in the only way that seemed feasible - on a shoestring, and by taking on many of the responsibilities herself (writing, shooting, acting) despite lack of experience.

Jane is presently working on her 4th short film (which had an experienced crew!) while she continues to work as a sound editor/designer. Her current sound projects include Vikings and Penny Dreadful, and her current directing project is a short about a woman who tries to figure out what really happened in a deadly police shooting.

MOVIESWILDLIFE, 3min. Crime, Canada
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