Best of Movie Scenes and Videos!

1. MAKING RAYON REAL - Watch featurette on how Jared Leto made his multiple award winning character into a full fledged human.

2. CITY OF ANGELS BY THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS - Watch music video from Jared Leto's band.

3. HIP TO BE SQUARE - From American Psycho. Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) discusses one of his favorite songs from Huey Lewis & the News, and then murders Paul Allen (Jared Leto) with an axe.

4. A GOOD BROTHER - Watch LORD OF WAR. When Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) finds Vitaly Orlov (Jared Leto) in a downward spiral of drug addiction, he brings him back to America to enter rehab.

5. JARED LETO 2014 GOLDEN GLOBE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH - Leto wins best supporting actor for Dallas Buyers Club and gives a nice speech

6. JARED LETO ON THE VIEW - Leto talks Dallas Buyers Club, Oscar buzz and coming out of acting retirement.

7. TURN THE GAS OFF - Watch PANIC ROOM. Meg (Jodie Foster) lights up the propane gas, setting off a spectacular fire and burning Junior (Jared Leto) in the process.

8. REQUIEM FOR A DREAM LOVE SCENE - Jared Leto and Jennier Connelly are intimate with each other in this far out scene.

9. HARRY AND MARION LOVE STORY - Watch scene from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. The journey of the two main characters

10. ANGELA AND JORDAN THE KISS - A clip from episode 1x07 (Why Jordan Can't Read) of My So-Called Life where Angela & Jordan share their first real kiss.