Title: Je suis Charlie

Written by: Alexandre Nero

Genre: Action, History, Adventure, Fantasy

Type: Feature Screenplay

LOGLINE: Main hero: World's famous executioner Charl Henry Sanson (real historical person, executioner of the French Revolution, 15 February 1739 - 4 July 1806)

Event: Retired from work Sanson receives the prophecy and magic mirror of Nostradamus.

Mystical and non-obvious prophesy says that if he will serve France once again, then his sins will be forgiven and he will be rewarded with death on the date when Freedom counts 30.

Culmination: With magic mirror Sanson views the future of nowadays and encounters terrorist in shop of Paris. Terrorist forgets cautions, approaches image in the mirror. While Sanson introduces himself "Je suis Charlie" - sniper takes terrorist down.

Thus, Sanson produces his last execution.

Prophecy fulfils when Sanson dies on 30th celebration of Independence Day 04 July 1806.

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