ACTOR Title: Larry's Boxing Gym

Written by: Dr. Kentrell Liddell


Genre: Comedy, Sports

Logline: PILOT EPISODE: "Rebirth"

After losing his supportive wife, an ex-U.S. Marine fighter is forced to face his deep-seated fear of computers in order to maintain the boxing gym they established together and to keep his quirky rival from acquiring it through an online auction.

SYNOPSIS: "Larry's Boxing Gym" is a funny, inspirational urban sitcom that puts a diverse cast on full display. All the episodes are a half-hour in length, but can easily be adapted into full one-hour shows. The target audience is youth and anyone else looking for a good laugh. This programming is similar to the legendary t.v. shows: Good Times, The Jeffersons, All in the Family, and Sanford & Son; and, it respects the intelligence of youth while giving them real life obstacles to consider.

The series begins with an introduction of the star of the show, Larry C. Parks (58), a U.S. Marine vet, who does not trust technology. He thinks it's the enemy and doesn't want to have anything to do with it. He's old-school and believes in doing things the old-fashioned way. He was a champion fighter in the Marines, and his wife (Cheryl) of thirty years convinced him to open a gym to help train boys and girls how to box. Larry does just that and has a successful run of it until his wife dies of a stroke.

After Cheryl's passing, Larry closes the gym, and his world falls apart. That is, until his sister-in-law, Lucille Lee (65), who enjoys the attention of young men, encourages him to re-open the gym. Well, "encourages" is sort of a loose attempt at political correctness - "tricks" would be closer to the truth. Larry eventually gets over Lucille's creative ploy.

Once re-established, the boxing gym becomes Larry's "man cave" and a popular hangout for a bunch of misfit millennials, who all declare technology is their B.F.F. Everyone's main goal is to win back the highly coveted Mississippi Golden Gloves Boxing Gym of the Year Award that has been held by the rival, Champs Boxing Gym, for the last six years - the number of years Larry's Boxing Gym has been closed.

Larry's former Marine buddy, Charles P. Wilcox (60) owns the rival gym and wants to prove to Larry that he is the better boxing trainer and that the kids he trains can beat Larry's kids any day of the week. So, it is with renewed confidence and dedication that Larry and his protege, Mack Douglas (25), practically invest all their time and energy into training youth how to box like professionals.

A gruff boxing coach who refuses to learn how to use computers, a comedic cougar from hell, and youth with colorful personalities make this pilot television show a very promising dramedy. It is sure to inspire vets and non-vets alike, both young and old. A multi-generational audience will laugh at Lucille's antics, cheer for the children, and become emotionally vested as Larry decides to give life another chance and learns to appreciate technological advances.

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