LETTUCE SPRAY, by Russell Calabrese
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LETTUCE SPRAY, by Russell Calabrese.

Such a request
guessed the guest.
Upon the behest of the birds
In the nest.
It was best to re-test the rest.
Arrest indeed.
A rest in need.
Godspeed to the needy
and who hath done the deedy.
Indeedy I do.
Do you'
A good deed more than done.
The rest of the guest
in the nest with a pest.
Have you guessed'
The guest was blessed with a fine rest.
The done deed.
The none need.
The nun blessed the one
who guessed the name of the guest.
One is better than nun.
Half of one and
Six dozen of the other.
The other was the mother of the guest.
A mother superior to all the rest.
As we rest in our nest
The best is untested.
The best is requested and
We all became vested in
What was invested.
The pest that infested the
Rest of the guest.
As the rest of us guessed the nature of the
The request is fulfilled and
the glass is half filled.
I only have ice for you.
Give the cold shoulder
to the cold soldier
who would solder
Things that were odder to make
Cannon fodder.
Oh Brudder.
A Mudder Superior in race around the track
Of my tears that tear a whole
Hole in my heart.
The heart of the cold soldier.
Heart and cold running Walter.
In circles of the circus where he was a guest of the
Requested best at the behest
Of the beheaded pest.
A festering pestering that
Defies the west.
A resident is present.
A presidential precedent
Is set
By the president
Presidential flaws to floss
The flaws of the senate falls on the floors of the house
Pressing the dental over the mental
on his mantle
he slipped him a mickey
the mouse in the house on the floors with the
flora and fauna
sweet sweat in the sauna where the iguana might wanna
insist to resist or persist
the cyst of the sister was cut and dropped into
the broth of the brother whose corn has popped.
His onion of a bunion
Caused the ruin of the union.
Give pizza chants
Until your breath pants
At the dance of the plants that rants.
Unionize your plants
Or they may strike a posey.
Or get nosey to those whose rose is a rose.
A perfunctory funk may
Be bestowed on your junk
If the stern will not bow
Or bow for a bow
Or get in a row for he will not row.
The cow had a row with a stern man at the bow
He reversed his direction
For the perfection of the production
Where his induction could not insist over his resistor's
The guest who would rest on the sofa of wood
Is at best in the nest
Sofa. So Good.
The fringe of the fridge is cold and won't singe
The ring of the ridge is old and won't sing.
The belle of the ball is told not to ring.
She was left behind by the kind
That will not find
That it is better to be be kind and rewind
The sinner who sinned in the bin of the wind
Will rekindle the spindle that has been bound to be wound.
The wound that is opened and closed before dark
Has the spark to be lit
As the mark of the maker has lifted his cup.
To drink at the sink that no drop has been lopped.
He doubled back running halfway and stopped.
The running back made him stop and think
if he could return his two cents
to get the quarter back.
Running halfway made the halfback replay
The coffers were filled
The Coffee was made.
The Elliot Ness Cafe.
An untouchable place to replace the space
Of the nest with an egg near the leg
Of the table where the sable of Mable was
An expelled ending that ended in splendor
And rendered her helpless and hopless
To the hapless chaps that would roll craps
as they danced at their laps.
The Saps.
Of the tree by the tree for the tree
Apple tree
A man the trees
Will weep for thee
These men who bark
And howl at the owl of our darkness.
A woman A Man
A Men.

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LETTUCE SPRAY, by Russell Calabrese