ACTOR Title: Liberty

Written by: Chris Cartusciello

Type: Feature Film

Genre: History, Drama, Romance

Logline: Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous events surrounding the creation of the Statue of Liberty, a young girl and boy meet. They spend the next 20 years falling in love as an ocean, and the hatred of their families, keeps them apart. Can their love come together even as it seems the most famous symbol of freedom in the world may not?

Synopsis: Shortly after the end of the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln, French diplomats choose to bestow a grand gift to the American people in recognition of all they have accomplished in such a short period of existence. Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi is charged with creating a symbol worthy of celebrating America's independence. Reflecting on past experiences and his strong sense of national pride, Bartholdi takes the project to heart and begins work at once. His decision of an enormous statue in the fashion of a woman holding a torch aloft is met with great fanfare. Along with his niece Maryse, of whom he is sole guardian, he travels to the United States and meets with architect Richard Morris Hunt, who has been chosen to build the base on which the statue will stand. Hunt, who studied architecture in France, is the perfect man for the job. He is well respected and connected to the right people in order to be able to get things moving. The two men, even though they have similar backgrounds and interests, butt heads from the start and soon become bitter enemies. Pride and arrogance, along with strong personalities, do not make for effective business or creative partners. In the meantime, Maryse meets Hunt's son Perry and a friendship, and budding romance, emerges. Over the next 20 years, as monetary and political strife plague the completion of the statue, Maryse and Perry hide their growing relationship. Through letters and gifts sent across an ocean, as well as secretive meetings whenever the two families are required to be together, they grow closer. When Maryse is forced to choose between an arranged marriage in France or her true love in America she starts a course of events that takes her to a new world and new adventures. With the date of the statue dedication coming closer, can Bartholdi and Hunt put aside their distaste for each other and work together towards completion and can Perry find Maryse who has disappeared in an unknown and dangerous city?

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