ACTOR Title: Lightless

Written by: Dhruv Kanungo

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Logline: A troubled journalist looks into a suspicious suicide; his investigation leads him into the Indian hinterland, where he meets a man who offers him a terrible choice, forcing the journalist to confront the darkness in his own heart.

Synopsis: 'Lightless' is a journey through psychological darkness, set in the insanity and lawlessness of a third world country with degraded institutions. Inspired by Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness', the story follows Dharam, a journalist with a nightmarish past, as he struggles through a web of lies, hypocrisy and horror. Upon meeting a powerful 'Guru' in an Indian village, he sees things that confirm his twisted view of the world: that life is meaningless and absurd. He allows himself to be pushed over the edge of his own morality, into an abyss from which it may be impossible to escape.

WGAE registration: I290941

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