ACTOR Title: Like Fathers

Written by: Matthew Hall

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Crime, Drama

Logline: After going to jail for a daring heist a man is released and tries to reconcile with his family while eluding an old crime contact who will stop at nothing to get his cut from the robbery.

Synopsis: Richie is exposed to crime early. After seeing his father go to jail at the age of 8 he finds himself following in his footsteps two decades later. He is jailed for a heist, but manages to hide the money before being arrested. When he's released after 8 years he finds himself struggling to reassimilate into everyday life. His struggles are exasperated by an exhausted and cynical ex-wife and a son that won't return his calls. He is sought out by his old crime contact, Vern, who wants his share of the hidden money but Richie maintains his long-held secret. Richie soon finds that his refusal to pay-up could cost him the family that he desperately wants to reconcile with. His son is taken hostage by Vern and Richie realizes that if he wants to keep the life-changing money he may have to fight to rescue his son and sacrifice his own life.

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