Written by: Jane Therese

Type: Feature Script

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Logline: A small town farmer, becomes the target of government agencies, when a corrupt corporation misuses it's technology in an attempt to control his land along with the world's agriculture. Sam must not only confront their power hungry wrath, but also face off with a ghost from his past.


DRACELO, a massive international corporation, introduces and subsequently force-feeds a new genetically-engineered "super-seed". DARCELO claims high yield with limited water/resources; basically guaranteeing fantastic results; the results are anything but fantastic leaving farmers across the globe starving and dependent on DARCELO.

As the story unfolds we discover that the plan to hi-jack the world's economy first, via controlling the world's food supply and then energy sources, goes all the way up to the leader of the free world. Sam, a multi-generational Midwest farmer, is at a crossroads: honor his father's wishes by staying true to simplistic, traditional farming, or cave in to peer and financial pressure and begin using a lightly-vetted "revolutionary" seed.

Sam, believing he has little choice, eventually gives in and partakes of the "forbidden fruit". It's immediately apparent that he has been sold a bill of goods from people taking kick-backs, including his own god-father. He pays a heavy price though as the seed poisons his soil and causes his wife to miscarriage.

By the coaxing of a Supreme Court Justice, with knowledge of the conspiracy and the high-profile conspirators, Sam testifies before the highest court in the land, which foils the scheme and destroys the yoke that Dracelo had on poor farmers around the world.

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