ACTOR Title: Love Along the Way

Written by: Mariah Boucher


Genre: Comedy, Teen

Logline: A teenager deals with high school crushes and her parents' nontraditional careers in the pornography industry as filmmakers.

Synopsis: It's Show-And-Tell for the first day of school at the elementary school and Lauren decides to bring something from her parent's work to show everyone. Little does she know that she brought a dildo to class, and the children erupt in excitement as they all have seen one before, claiming whether their mother or father has one. The teacher, Mr. Kross, cannot believe what he is seeing and calls in the parents to talk to them about what Lauren brought for Show-And-Tell. They reveal to Mr. Kross that they are porn directors, and insist that Lauren is definitely safe in the house, as well as that Lauren does not really have an idea on what her parents do other than make adult movies. Meanwhile, Kayden is having a horrible day. She reveals to her best friend, Jared, that she really wants to go to homecoming with the most attractive guy at the school, Xander. Along with that, Kayden makes a pact with Jared that if neither of them get a date to homecoming they could go together. To make things worse, Jenna recruits Kayden to join the cheerleading team as a replacement flyer for them. Later on in the day, Kayden ends up having to become a tutor for Xander in Italian class, which she freaks out and tells to Jared. While they're on the phone, Jared is secretly making a scrapbook/photo-collage of them that eventually he'll use to ask Kayden to homecoming with. Kayden finds out at dinner that her little sister brought a dildo for Show-And-Tell, which immediately makes her mad and embarrassed. The parents talk to both their daughters, working on a way to fix the problem and make both of them happy.

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