Written by: Natalia Gorbunova

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure, Romance

Logline: A romantic love affair of Russian woman Elena, whose life is lonely but creative. She could hardly imagine what kind of difficulties and responsibility were waiting for her because her partner was Mexican 20 years younger and jobless. In spite of her mystical abilitie she fails because of some psychological problems.

Synopsis: Elena is a retired Russian journalist in her sixties and now also an amateur painter. She notices that her paintings make a sort of predictions. One day a jobless Mexican guy living in Spain sends her a love letter stating that he has recognized his face at one picture placed in Internet, became mad of her and wants to know her.

They exchange the letters through e-mail than meet through Skype and she comes to the conclusion that Jesus is her hero in spite of a big difference in their age (he is twenty years younger). She falls in love with him and invites him to Moscow. He asks her to marry him.

Her close persons have absolutely opposite positions: difference in age, cultural level are so significant that she can make a great mistake - from one side, and that maybe Jesus is her last chance to love and be loved - from the other one.

They get married. Soon his visa expires and he needs to leave Moscow. She can't stay without him and they move to Mexico. She shares all with him leaving in poverty But he can't find a job and in some months her money comes to an end.

They returned to Moscow. Soon Jesus says that there is an emergency to go to Spain. Elena gets some money from her friends but only for one ticket. He disappears. She makes an investigation and realizes that he has a wife in Spain.

Her sister Natalia wants Elena to overcome her depression and buys tours to Egypt. They enjoy their holidays but at the end the sharks begin to attack people in the Red Sea. They return to Moscow and suddenly Jesus declares that is going to visit Elena. She wonders why he asks her to make a divorce because their marriage was false.

But after his leaving it turned out that he has got two more women to marry: another Russian (so he needs Russian divorce certificate) and Finnish (for this case he has got a divorce certificate with his Spanish wife).

But for some reasons he fails and soon invites Elena to Spain assuring that he found his faith in God and now he can fulfill her dream to build an ideal relationship.

She decides to give him the last chance. They both baptize in the church and fix their life. The church helps them to rent a room. His ex-wife Ana-Maria becomes her close friend and also helps them.

Two years pass. Elena notices the deterioration of their relationship. He becomes cold and even rude. She supposes that the reason is his prolonged unemployment and sickness of his mother. He informed her that his mother is dying and he needs to go to Mexico. He leaves the same day that he appears. Elena and Ana-Maria guess what happened.

One day Jesus who is seriously ill and lives with his Finnish wife sees the program on TV about Elena who became a very famous painter.

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