Mads Johan Ogaard & Katie Wyman
Movie BIOS!

Mads Johan Ogaard & Katie Wyman- See director BIO


We both graduated from BA Animation and VFX Course at Falmouth University (Cornwall). And made this student short film together!

Mads Johan Ogaard:

Mads is a Norwegian born in 1993. He has recently graduated Falmouth University with a first class honors degree in Animation and VFX. Since then Mads has started his Masters degree in special education at Exeter University. He is currently illustrating a book in collaboration with the Norwegian Dyslexia foundation titled 'Dyslexi Norge' (Dyslexia Norway). This book is an informative book about Dyslexia and is aimed for children and teenagers and features the characters in his student film I AM DYSLEXIC.

His dream is to help as many as possible with and without a learning difference, to find there best way to help them learn learning! Mads Is proud to be a Dyslexic and Dyscalculic individual!

Katie Wyman:

Katie Wyman is a film maker born in London 1994. As a teenager she drew comics, and rarely spent much time outside. At age 19 she animated a stop motion project which now has over 25,000 views on YouTube. She has recently graduated Falmouth University with a first class honours degree in Animation and VFX. Katie is proud to be associated with 'I AM DYSLEXIC' which she co-directed and co-produced with Mads Johan Øgaard in their final year of university.

festival posterI AM DYSLEXIC, 6min. Norway, Animation/Music Video