Written by: Lubomir Alt

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Logline: Adam is a thirty-something stay at home, computer geek. When his family forces him to take a job as a Nanny, he must leave the safety and comfort of his home behind. So begins his adventures in the real world. Unfortunately for Adam, his employers are not a typical family. The parents thrive on a relationship that is based on hate and animal-like sexual behaviors. Their sixteen year old daughter, Eva, acts like royalty even though she is far from it. Their sons, Luke and Josh, are boys being boys. They are wild and unruly. All of these cultural, age and behavioral differences collide in a series of hilarious misunderstandings. Adam is sent on a journey to win the trust of the parents and the hearts of the kids. Instead he endures one of the most terrifying, yet hilarious, experiences of his life.

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