WATCH MARCH 2015 Poetry Readings
From WILDsound Writing Festival

WATCH MARCH 2015 Poetry Readings
 If Only, by Menorca Chaturvedi  no wedding veil, by cc lindh

 FORGIVE ME, by Kenyetta Lewis  10 minutes on fire, by cc lindh

 SYMMETRY, by Michael Bornn  FREEDOM, by Tess Rosa

 FAIRY STORIES FOR REAL, by Ginnie Siena Bivona  SO UNHAPPY, by Steve Paul  A GOOD IDEA, by Danny Fleming

 Everyone Has An Origin Story, by Jennifer Harrison  The Cost of Innocence by Julie Paschall  Zephyrean Nightfall by Elise Pehrson

 !SOFRITO! Garlic, Onions And Green Peppers By Amarilys Gacio Rassler  Canto IV. The Garden of Dolores by John-Arthur Ingram  Man's Wish by Keegan Eller

 Siamese by Jade Willow  Song of the Shattered by Elise Pehrson  The Upside Down by Michelle Chapa

 MISFIT MANIFESTO by Anne Korhonen  I Love You by B.T. Kager  MARIA GRAZIA CALANDRONE by Maria Grazia Calandrone

 HAMMER by Sandra Lester  I found you by Natalie Chua  THE NAVIGATOR, by Janice L. Decker

 Catford Snow Safari, by Lou Taylor  The Cycle, by Natascha Schulmeister  that night..., by Rochelle Soetan