Movie BIOS!


My very first memories are of the stories my grandma used to tell me. My passion for filmmaking was born from her tales, an early exposure to Art and a curiosity for understanding the juxtaposing realities around me.Born in Portugal, I started my education at Soares dos Reis, where I experimented with photography, learnt the principles of design and spent a few nights discussing the 'power of image' (amongst other, way less relevant, topics).

I discovered the strength of Film as a teenager with Bertolucci's 1900, David Lynch's Wild at Hearth and Kusturica's Underground, which made me see Film as the art form that better reflects the volatility of our times, whilst combining the very elements I've always been fascinated by: storytelling, image and psychology.Willing to immerse myself in the craft, I joined the International Film School of Wales where I collaborated on a series of shorts, experimenting with different styles and techniques, learning the ropes of filmmaking.

My first short outside of Uni, was ImagEination, made for the National Dance Company of Wales and shown in Theatres around the UK, receiving raving reviews. Working with a talented choreographer opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that Dance and theatre techniques present to Filmmaking. After University, I moved to Lisbon where I worked on International Film Festivals, Music Videos and a short film for prime time TV.

In my free time I studied Performing Arts. My knowledge and interest in the work of the actor not only makes me a better director on set, but defines me as a director. Looking to further my horizons I moved to London, where I earn my living in Advertising & TV.

Some of my most exciting credits include Coordinating Inarritu's Nike Write the Future, Producing Google's Zeitgeist - A Year in Review, and Managing the Design Studio responsible for the Branding identity of two new channels, ITV Encore and ITVBe.C.T.R.L, my latest short, has received an "Honourable Mention in Shorts" at the LA Femme Film Festival and was awarded "Best Music Video" at Cortisonanti in Italy.

It's a bold and fresh directorial statement, that showcases my potential, bringing together my knowledge of Performing Arts and high end advertising. I am at an inspiring stage of my life where I am able to invest in projects I believe in and explore my interest in technology, not only as a medium but also as a subjec

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