Marino Guarnieri
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Marino Guarnieri- See director BIO

Director, animator, illustrator. Assistant director, head of 2D and editor of the animated feature film "The Art of Happiness" (L'arte della Felicita), produced by Mad Entertainment and winner of the European Film Awards in 2014 for Best European animated film.

After working as a graphic designer, through all forms of expression and communication in the last 20 years, in the end he discovers his true love: the animation.

He conceives, designs and participates in the creation of commercials and music videos, television themes and educational products, documentaries, specials and feature films. Among his works: "Donna Maria", Videoclip of the Neapolitan folk music group FOJA; "Gli occhi piu azzurri", a documentary by Simona Cappiello and Manolo Turri Dell'Orto; "Giga & Stick", Educational made for The National Institute for Astrophysics. "Bada che ti mangio!" realization of the code of the program by Antonio Lubrano.

He is also Professor of Digital Entertainment at the Italian School of Comix, for which he directed the commercial "Chi sogna disegna" and the short film "Midnight Signs".

festival posterMIDNIGHT SIGNS, 4min, Italy, Thriller/Animation