Mathilde Neau
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Mathilde grew up in south of France, in Toulouse. Living in several places during her childhood it build in her the want to discover foreign country, other places. When she finished high school, she settled in Paris and studied filmmaking at the ESEC, Ecole Superieure d'Etudes Cinematographiques, where she spent 3 years and graduated as First Assistant Director. During this course, she matured her film vision, how she wanted to express what she had to say and wanted to say. She developed skills in cinematography, and directing. She mainly worked on short films as camera operator, continuity supervisor and first assistant director. Her interest is strongly directed on the visuals manners to express ideas in a film. She directed several short films as "Les Sens" (portraits of characters feeling, discovering each other), "Teleia Polis" (a criticism of the conformity of society) and co-directed and operated "La chute des Egoistes" (based on the last sequence of Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky).

After graduation, she worked on french film/TV Series industry as a continuity assistant, production manager assistant and producing assistant.

To enrich her training, she joined Part 2 Diploma at Sydney Film School, in Australia, to discover a different way to work in the industry, enrich by Australian culture and english language. She had there the opportunity to work on short films as 1st Assistant Director ("All's Faire" directed by Kurt Davies, "Three30" directed by Daniel Swinton,...) and continuity ("Double Heaven" directed by Glean Hoang). She also worked as camera operator or art department assistant. She created there Unbind, starring Hilton Denis and Natalie Debono from the screenplay to the editing process, a project where she expressed her ideas through filmmaking combined with her passion for dance through no dialogue black and white dance journey performance.

festival posterUNBIND, 5min, Australia, Dance/Experimental