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MATT SADOWSKI - See director BIO

Matt Austin Sadowski is a former actor. His short films have opened film festivals (Jimmy - Rendezvous with Madness - 2004), won Grand Prize Jury Awards (Plus or Minus - Renderfest 2010) and been commissioned by the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games (The Butterfly and the Bee).

His feature documentary Don't You Forget About Me (2009) is a timely film looking at the impact and absence of director/teen maestro John Hughes (distributed by Alliance Films). It gave him his first real break into the industry as a director. His first feature film, Most Likely To (2007), was called 'a potent calling card' by Variety Magazine.

Matt recently directed Last Man on Earth for Corey Marr Productions, starring Jonas Chernick, Rachel Wilson, Meghan Heffern and Catherin Discher, and is currently directing season two of comedic reality series The Right Hand for HBO Canada.

The Tape, a short film Matt shot directly after S is for Bird, was selected by Telefilm Canada to be screened as part of their Not Short on Talent: Perspective Canada program at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival 2012.

Short Film from Canada

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