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Matthew Read was born in the United Kingdom, and grew up there until he was 15 years old. He followed his father, Paul Read, to Canada, in order to further his education, and immerse himself into new surroundings.

It was here in Canada, that Matthew made his first short film, at the age of 17, while attending Ridley College. It wasn't until his enrollment at The Toronto Film School, till Matthew found his feet, and the right people to work with. Having come from abroad, Matthew grew a reputation for being a cinematographer a unique 'european' shooting style. He is also an avid Writer and Editor, making him a jack of all trades. During his 18 months at The Toronto Film School, Matthew shot seventeen short films as a Cinematographer, wrote three, directed four and edited a total of twenty-four short films. He has also dabbled in acting, getting a role in a short film as Reggie Kray - a 1960's Mob Boss from London England. Matthew believes that to truly be able to direct to his best ability, it is important to understand what it is like to be an actor, and the processes they go through.

Matthew has seen a number of his films rewarded with festival selections and even awards. Noteworthy awards/selections would be at the Toronto Film School Festival of Films, where a total of 6 films that Matthew was involved with were chosen for selection. Two films that Matthew personally directed received awards, with 'My Missing Piece' picking up 'Best Producer' and 'Selected' winning the top prize of 'Best Picture'. He also received 'Best Cinematography' for 'Selected' too, after taking on dual role as Cinematographer/Director.

Now that he has graduated, Matthew has co-directed a short film "Lost Cause" which has been accepted to the Madrid International Film Festival, and has opened up his own rental and production company, Prestige Pictures Inc, where he hopes to build his career and move into the world of Feature Films.

festival posterARKHAM'S JOURNAL, 7min, Canada, Fan Fiction/Mystery